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zavrsen kamp 2017

The 8th Volley Trend Camp was held very successfully.
In the period from June 24. to July 30. 2017, Volley Trend Camp, Hotel "Olympic" and Kosjeric was visited 200 young campers from 20 different countries, from different meridians, from Europe, Asia and North America.
The Volley Trend Camp team, consisting of 15 members, lead by director Bojan Milić, with their expertise and enthusiasm had a positive influence on the progress and improvement of young hopes of Serbian and world volleyball.
Coaches from Serbia and coaches from abroad improved the volleyball skills of young volleyball players, who also received other skills - the language and culture of other nations.
Our coaches, with national and international experience, estimated that children constantly developed their volleyball skills from the 1st to 10th day of the Volley Trend Camp, with the professional work of the coach and the great desire of the campers.
All campers have done motor testing and fundamental morphological measurements.
For the second time in a row Volley Trend Camp was held in Bulgaria - Panaguriste, this year from July 17 to July 26. 2017. 50 volleyball players visited a camp in Bulgaria, the trainings were run by Bulgarian coaches, Željko Šćepanović and Petar Novković.
We are very pleased with the camera smiles, their desire for improvement and re-arrival, as well as the praise from the parents. We are already preparing new ideas for the Volley Trend Camp 2018, where, with the most modern methods and means, we will continue to develop, influence even better volleyball results and get new friendships around the world.
With the desire to be seen again on volleyball courts of Volley Trend Camp, a great sports greeting!!!

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