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volley trend in JagodinaDecember, 13, 2014. - We held a presentation in Jagodina, which was the beginning of our live presentations! Fifty female volleyball players from Jagodina attended the presentation. The presentation was held in elementary school “Rada Miljkovic”. Given that it was the first live presentation of “Volley Trend Camp”, it was very interesting. After the presentation, one of “Volley Trend Camp’s” coaches, Scepanovic Zeljko, held three trainings with female junior volleyball players of “Jagodina” (including volleyball school, p. pioneers and pioneers). “Volley Trend” is thankful to the manager of volleyball club “Jagodina”, Dragan Lozo, along with all coaches of the club.


December, 14, 2014 - The second presentation of “Volley Trend” was held in elementary school “Sveti Sava”. Thirty-five volleyball players were present with their parents. “Volley Trend” gives gratitude to a former national team player, Dragana Jankovic, who helped us a lot with presentation organization.

Novi Banovci

December, 21, 2014- “Volley Trend” proceeds its promotional tour around Serbia.  A surprisingly great interest was shown in Novi Banovci when it comes to Camp presentation and two trainings held by a “Volley Trend Camp’s” coach, Mr Zeljko Scepanovic. “Volley Trend” is highly grateful to management of volleyball club “Omladinac” from Novi Banovci.  We give special thanks to coach Markovic for his hospitality and understanding.


December, 24, 2014- This was “Volley Trend’s” last presentation in 2014. The presentation was held in a volleyball town, Lazarevac. Formal hall of elementary school “Dule Karaklajic” wasn’t big enough to accept everyone who wished to attend “Volley Trend’s” promotion. We have to point out that coach Zeljko Scepanovic left a deep impression while working in Kolubara and volleyball club “Lazarevac” from 1991 to 2005. “Volley Trend” owes great gratitude to volleyball club “Lazarevac” management and trainers Dejan and Darko Stojkovic, who helped us a lot with presentation organization.


volley trend in notJanuary, 17, 2015- The first presentation in 2015 was held. Junior categories trainer of volleyball club “Zeleznicar Lajkovac”, Marko Radosavljevic-Romeo, prepared an interesting and very well-organized presentation in elementary school “Sava Kreckovic”. About fifty female volleyball players were present with their parents. We should stress that former national team players, Ilija Vujovic and Vladimir Vasovic- a current trainer of volleyball club “Partizan”, attended the presentation. “Volley Trend” is thankful to volleyball club “Zeleznicar Lajkovac” and trainer Marko Radosavljevic for helping us organize a presentation in Lajkovac.

Backa Palanka

January, 20, 2015- “Volley Trend” continues its tour across Serbia in formal hall of “20. Octobar” high school in Backa Palanka. From 6-8 p.m. “Volley Trend’s” coach Zeljko Scepanovic held training for pioneer-cadet team of “Panonija” who are, we dare say, very talented for their age. Camp’s presentation was held from 8-9 p.m. and was attended by about sixty volleyball players with parents. “Volley Trend” is thankful to volleyball club “Panonija” management, especially to coach Nikolajevic for the given trust in presenting our camp.


January, 24, 2015- This was the most interesting day of this year’s presentations. We held three presentations in one day. At 11 a.m. formal hall of Town Hall was too small to admit all the volleyball players of “Srbijanka” Valjevo with parents who wanted to attend the presentation. We give thanks to mayor and a man who invested a lot in volleyball in Valjevo, Mr Milovan Rakic, for his genuine hospitality.


volley trend in rumiJanuary, 24, 2015- The most interesting day of “Volley Trend” continues with Osecina. Volleyball club “Osecina” was host to “Volley Trend Camp” presentation, which was well-attended, very interesting and amusing with lots of questions and answers. The guests were interested to hear about every detail of the Camp, which is a sign of “Volley Trend’s” great reputation. “Volley Trend” gives thanks to Milka Milanovic, who made it possible for us to hold the presentation.


January, 24, 2015- Volleyball Club “Zaslon” and coach Jovan Popovic were “Volley Trend’s” hosts in formal hall of comprehensive medical school, Sabac. The presentation was a complete success, with a large number of volleyball players and parents. In the oldest town in Serbia, “Volley Trend” showed how our international volleyball camp works. Last year’s campers, Milica Bogicevic and Teodora Pantelic were also present, which added significance to the presentation. “Volley Trend” is thankful to coach Popovic and especially to Mr Sasa Pajic, the school’s principle, for great help with presentation organization.


January, 25, 2015- The tenth presentation was in a city on Danube, Smederevo. In a beautiful formal hall of Sports Centre, the turn-out was below our expectations and our presentation average. However, it was still successful, since two campers applied on the spot, which was not the case before. “Volley Trend” gives thanks to volleyball club “Smederevo” and Sports Center manager, Ivan Vucic. Vladimir Vasovic, a former national team player and current trainer of “Partizan” attended the presentation. Goran Jancic, who is a former player for “Smederevo” was also present.

Syros - Greece

January, 28, 2015- We held a first international presentation outside Serbia, on island Syros in Greece. Syros has been the island of volleyball since Foinikasa team has been in top of Greek Championship in the last 6 years. A great interest was shown in the presentation since there were over fifty volleyball players from Syros. We got an interesting offer from Foinikas and mayor of Syros to organize our Volley Trend Camp on their island in the future. The proposal is quite intriguing and we can claim that we are already moving in that direction. “Volley Trend” is highly grateful to Club Foinikas management and the mayor of Syros for their hospitality and given time.


January, 31, 2015- Volleyball Club “Pancevo 013” and coach Ivan Krgovic were more than decent hosts. Formal hall of elementary school “Braca Petrov” was completely full. There were sixty-five volleyball players with parents. A former handball national team player, Zikica Milosavljevic, attended the presentation, as well. Questions and answers, or better yet, a discussion about camp after the presentation lasted longer than expected. The interest was higher than expected. “Partizan” trainer, Vladimir Vasovic, was once again present at the promotion. Our experienced camper, Antonija Ivanovic, attended the presentation, as well. “Volley Trend” is grateful to Ivan Krgovic, who made it all possible.

Athens - Greece

February, 4, 2015- We held a presentation in Athens, Greece. The presentation was highly amusing and there was a great interest for Volley Trend Camp in Serbia. We were pleased that young volleyball players had already heard for our camp, which didn’t come as a surprise since we’ve had over 200 kids from Greece in Volley Trend Camp so far! “Volley Trend” gives thanks to volleyball club Evrialiu from Glyfada and coach Katarina. Maria Kalara, a Greek team “Markopoula’s” coach, was of great help to us. Maria has visited our camp in the last three years and will help us with the promotion in Athens, Greece.

Thessaloniki - Greece

February, 11, 2015- We continued our tour around Greece. Our next destination was a town Thessaloniki, better known as Solun. The presentation was held during Female Cadet’s Final Four in a small town called Chalastra. There were about eighty volleyball players and as many parents and club members. We were pleased to see five of the campers who were Volley Trend’s guests a couple of years ago. “Volley Trend” is highly grateful to coach Tanasis Strandcalis, who helped us a lot with the organization and coach Sakis Terzis, who will present Volley Trend Camp in his club Esperos.


February, 16, 2015- This is a town which is turning to volleyball more and more due to its infrastructure and closeness to Belgrade. Ruma was a host to “Volley Trend” presentation. In formal hall of elementary school “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” the presentation was held from noon to 1 p.m. All members of volleyball club’s “Ruma” selection were present- pioneers, cadets, juniors and seniors. There were over seventy female volleyball players. Our Camp’s coordinator, Nikola Vujovic, found a little time between two trainings, to contribute to our presentation. From 1-2 p.m. coach Zeljko Scepanovic held training to junior-senior team of “Ruma”. “Volley Trend” is thankful to coaches Slobodan Gajevic and Milenko Marinkovic for helping us make this presentation successful.




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