Improvement of volleyball and other knowledge of young volleyball players


The 9. International Volley Trend Camp showed that is the leader among volleyball camps!
In the period from 23. June to 30. July 2018. Volley Trend Camp coaches, led by director Bojan Milić, using the most modern methods and means participated in the improvement of volleyball and other knowledge of young volleyball players and education of trainers from abroad.
This year, during the Volley Trend Camp, 245 campers stayed in 6 shifts (of that number, 49 boys in Kosjerić). The city of Kosjerić and Samokovo at the Hotel Olympic and Kestenites hosted volleyball players from 20 world countries, from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.
The coaching team of the Volley Trend Camp consisted of 16 coaches, among which were the selector junior national team of Serbia, selector cadet national team of Serbia, the assistant coach of the senior national team of Serbia and the assistant coach of Alba Blaj, who played the Champions League final this year.
This year we used modern technical devices, so that after the finished training, children could see their movements, volleyball positions and gestures and were able to improve all volleyball elements and their level of play.
The campers were excellent, very motivated and dedicated to every training. It was our pleasure to train together!
Every year is increasing the number of children choosing for a program, such as Individual preparation and Pro Camp, as well as campers who choose to stay 2, 3 or 4 shifts at the Volley Trend Camp.
The third year in a row Volley Trend Camp is held in Bulgaria, in Samokov. Volley Trend Camp in Samokovo was attended by 61 camper (of that number, 34 boys), and the trainings were run by coaches Nenad Manojlović, Danilo Pejović, Petja Veneva and Eva Arsova, led by the organizer of the camp in Bulgaria, Ivaylo Barutov.
At the end of each shift, we received praise from the parents, which tells us that we did a great job.
We are always pleased to see how the campers are progressing and quickly acquiring new knowledge.
The next year we are expecting the jubilee 10. Volley Trend Camp, we are developing new ideas and we are expecting you next year. At the beginning of October there will be notice of shifts and program for the next year on our site:
Dear campers we want you to continue your volleyball development and to see you again at sports courts of the Volley Trend Camp!

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