The 10th Jubilee International Volley Trend Camp has been successful.

zavrsen kamp 2019

This year in the period from 22.06. do 04.08.2019. during the seven shifts, Volley Trend Camp was visited by 250 participants, of the total of 52 boys in Kosjeric and 30 boys in Botevgrad.
The program for training young volleyball players at Volley Trend Camp is carefully designed by the best coaches from Serbia and with international experience, led by director Bojan Milic.
The town of Kosjerić and the town of Botevgrad represent a real sports environment where children can perfect their volleyball skills, make new friendships and return with fond memories. Kosjerić, Serbia and Botevgrad, Bulgaria were visited by volleyball players from as many as 23 countries from all over the world.
The Volley Trend Camp coaching team consisted of 17 coaches. The players have been improving their volleyball technique every day in the sports hall, on 4 volleyball courts, with the qualitative professional work of coaches, using modern volleyball equipment.
At this year's camp we have a record number of participants who have chosen some of the programs such as Individual Preparation, Pro Camp, Physical Preparation. Out of the total number of campers, 125 children were trained through the Camp Plus program, 24 were in the Individual Preparation program, 1 camper was in the Pro Camp program and 1 camper was in the Physical Preparation program.
We are becoming recognizable for our individual work with young volleyball players, using the most modern methods and means. Campers have shown a great desire to improve the volleyball elements, coaches are sure that there are future volleyball stars among the participants of this year's camp.
For the fourth time in a row, Volley Trend Camp was held in Bulgaria - Botevgrad, this year from 12.07. - 30.07.2019. years. The camp in Bulgaria was visited by 60 volleyball players, of which 30 boys (27 Camp plus program and 5 Individual Preparation), and the trainings were led by coaches Nenad Manojlovic, Danilo Pejovic and Stanislav Georgiev, led by Bulgaria camp organizer Ivaylo Barutov. Individual trainings in Bulgaria were led by Nenad Manojlovic.
Volley Trend Camp continues to maintain high standards, with the goal of improving Serbian and world volleyball. There will be a notice of shifts and a program for next year at the beginning of October on our website:
Dear campers, keep developing your volleyball skills, see you again at the Volley Trend Camp volleyball courts, big sports greetings!

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