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Injury Recovery Camp

Agency Volley Trend within Volley Trend camp organizes camps for athletes recover from injuries. Volley Trend camp organized by shifts exclusively to recover and female players from sports injuries, regardless of the type of sport they practice. The camp of this type will last a minimum of 10 days and will be focused exclusively on recovery from all types of sports injuries or gradually introduce players to the training process under the supervision of top experts in the field of medicine. Everyone who comes to this kind of camp will have additional checks to our top doctors and physicians with an international reputation. Also, the focus of work is focused on analytics and diagnostics of sports training, theory and technology of sports training, all in collaboration with professors and doctors from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade.

The aim of these methods is the recovery of players from unwanted sports injuries, of course, with mutual cooperation and agreement with the single player. As for accommodation and meals, or use sports hall, gym, courts, etc., the conditions are the same as the regular camp. We help We can think that healthy and ready to celebrate the next sports challenges.

The program for recovery from sports injuries of players:

-5 Full pension, 6 days at Olympic hotel - Kosjeric

-Accommodation In double itrokrevetnim rooms with private bath, TV, internet

-3 Meals + snacks (increased eating)

Camping for the recovery of players from sports injuries will be held in: 10.07-16.07., 16.07-22.07., 22.07.-28.07., 28.07-03.08.2024.

-Zabavna Program



-use Of a football field

-Treninzi In the sports hall - 2 times a day (morning and evening)

A gift shorts Imajica

-Obavezan Medical examination upon arrival at camp

-Supervision Doctors and physical therapists, 24 hours for the duration of the camp

-Treninzima Will be managed by top experts

-conditions To log a minimum of 12 years

-motor Testing and fundamental morphological measurements

-professional Lecture



*** *** New Releases

Agency Volley Trend is ready to meet the athletes at any time. During the season, all athletes enforcement agencies enables a ceklokupnog the recovery from injury in Belgrade.

Having learned from years of personal experience where largely frivolous and was little attention paid to the recovery of players from sports injuries, we have designed a program that includes superior service and conditions all in one place!

Agency Volley Trend is one of the few institutions in Serbia organized a specialized program for injured players who want to make the best possible way to mitigate and overcome injuries in order to continue a career in sports clubs. With great pleasure to inform you that for this purpose the Agency Volley Trend formed a collaboration with Fitness Medico - therapy clinic, which is equipped according to the highest and latest standards for recovery from sports injuries.

Fitness Medico clinic brings together in one place all the necessary medical assistance professional sportsperson. Ultrasound diagnosis, specialist examinations performed by physiatrists, orthopedists, physiatrists children, physical and kinetic therapy, massage and yoga are just a part of rehabilitation services that this clinic provides ( ).

After examination and a diagnosis made by Fitness Medico clinics, agencies Volley Trend athletes also provides excellent conditions for recovery, which include working out at the gym, sports hall, sauna and other recreational supplies to both professional athletes for the purpose of faster recovery and form. All of this can be found in the newly opened and one of the best equipped sports centers in Serbia, sports center "Dynamic", located on Dorćolu, at Danube 62nd

Athlete will work under the program Vladimir Zivanovic, Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Belgrade, dealing specifically with the motor development of children of different ages and physical preparation of athletes, as well as Petra Novkovića, a qualified fitness trainer and coach with extensive experience in the clubs. The introduction of an athlete in training process with the ball and his associates run Željko Scepanovic, a graduate coach with years of experience whose name and achievements recognized in volleyball circles Serbia and beyond. Program and number of training and recovery time are individual thing and dependent on the type of injury and from diagnosis and medical advice and finally from the athletes. Similarly, the price of services agency Volley Trend depend on the number of required training, and on other segments that are needed for the rehabilitation of injuries. For this reason, we decided that the price of our overall service conventionally formed after the examination in Fitness Medico clinic for rehabilitation, with whom would then be aligned program of recovery.

The goal of these methods and programs is that by mutual cooperation and agreement, provide the player a full recovery from unwanted sports injuries, all in the most ideal conditions possible that playing sports demands.

Quality and service are our imperatives! So be sure that you will by highly skilled staff be given adequate attention and specially for you planned program of recovery in accordance with the latest medical, sports and scientific knowledge. Do not let any harm or discourage bad rehabilitation process in the way of your success! Agency Volley Trend and Fitness Medico clinic are here for you and because of you!