Kosjeric located in western Serbia, halfway between Valjevo and Uzice. Includes upper basin rivers and springs Skrapež and Kladoroba and expand, to the north, on the slopes of the two mountains Maljen (1102 m) and Povlen (1346 m). To the south, the municipality Kosjerić reaches the heights of mountains Crnokose (800 m) and fir-Up. Kosjerić the borough in which it can be easily and quickly arrive. From Valjevo is 46 km, 47 km from Uzice. It is located 136 km from Belgrade and 340 km from the Montenegrin coast.

Through Kosjerić the main road which, in the north, makes a connection with the Drina, Vojvodina and, further, with Central and Eastern Europe. In the south, this time, just after the Uzice, splits into two directions: one leads to the south, and the other towards the Adriatic coast. An exceptional geographic location and proximity bia confirms long-known tourist center of this region, Zlatibor (56 km) and Bac (26 km away) .Teritorija Kosjerić belongs to the highlands of Western Serbia. Elevations in this area range from 340 m in the north to 1347 m above sea visine.Reljef is, to a large extent, divided by valleys of river flows. The most suitable terrain for the development, in terms of altitude, which run along the river Skrapež, where they placed settlements and the municipal center Kosjerić at 420 m above sea visine.Klima umereno- this area is continental, with the influence of sub-alpine climate. The mean temperature of the coldest month of January is about -3 C and the hottest July about 19 C. The annual precipitation is about 800 mm, and has about 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. So, it is a twofold climate. These are the climatic characteristics of the area of ​​small height (up to 600 m above sea level) and climatic characteristics of mountains of medium height. The first is suitable for outdoors and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, gallstones, diabetes, recovery after a heart attack, the nervous and the elderly. The main feature of the sedative calming effect on the human body. Environment bia is rich in water. There are numerous springs, rivers and streams, springs and rivers, as idyllic image of this region makes it even more beautiful.