What is the price of the camp?

Price General of the camp is 390 euros, 450 euros Plus Camp and Camp physical preparation 670 euros
Price for coaches interns is 440 euros.
All prices are in RSD equivalent on the day of payment, and is only valid for players and coaches who are citizens of Serbia and play and work in the same territory.
Payments can be made upon arrival at the camp, in whole or in 6 installments until the beginning of camp
Mandatory advance payment of 100 euros you have guaranteed your place to camp!

How much is the deposit that I have to make a payment?

Deposit which is the first installment in the amount of 100 euros in dinars and should be paid as soon as possible, either in person or on our account, because it is the only guarantee your place.
By paying the deposit you place provided in the camp.
Be sure to see more information here !

What do I need from the wardrobe to bring to camp?

Necessary things you've mentioned, and if you think you need anything else, feel free to add to the list, because it is very important that you have the necessary things to stay in the camp.

1-2 sweatshirt
10-15 T-shirt
5-10 shorts for training
10-15 pairs of socks
a pair of sneakers for training in the hall (required)
Trunks or bathing suit
Sweater and jacket (required)
a pair of jeans
5 towels
Accessories for hygiene

From us you'll get a jersey, shorts and a T-shirt with the insignia of the camp
Dear parents, or campers, please let us know in time if you need to know something about you - any special needs / special status and the like. Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a possibility to visit the child while at camp?

We are always willing to help our arrival, as coaches, and parents who want to monitor the activities of their children, provided that their presence does not disturb the operation of the camp.
If you wish, we can take care of organizing your accommodation and food, but you should know that you will not be accommodated at the Olympic, because we do not want it to interfere with the child in the camp.

Can I know more about nutrition in the camp?

The menu is made in collaboration with leading experts in the field of sports nutrition, and adapted to the age and efforts of our campers.
The menu will be under the supervision of Dr. Ljubana Martinovica, doctors, men's and women's national team of Serbia.

Will my child have medical care in the camp?

Duration of the camp is present doctor and physiotherapist.
Our staff at any time concerned about the health of your child, and the doctor is present 24 hours a day.
At every session there is an experienced physiotherapist who takes care of possible violations of the field.
If needed, we have access to the medical facilities in the immediate vicinity.
It is essential that each camper to bring with it a certified health card.

Do you expect some reward in the camp?

At this point it is top secret and prizes will be, but you'll have a chance to find out if this summer you hang with us.
Each shift at the camp ends with a ceremony awarding prizes to the most successful campers in the categories.

If I have more questions, how to contact you?

You can visit us in our office which is located in Belgrade "

Address: Balkan Ivanium TC 18, ext 25
Contact us at the following phone or e-mail address listed.
Phone / Fax: + 381 11 36 21 691
Mobile: +381 63411075
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person: Bojan Milic

Mobile: +381 65 455 75 38
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Contact person: Bojan Stupar