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Individual preparation

Agency Volley Trend organize and prepare individual players with an emphasis on physical education in pre-competitive period, as well as the competition Perid, and this applies to players who do not have at the moment the club engagement. The duration of these preparations is at least 10 days and in agreement with the player or dancer may take longer. These preparations relate to all kinds of sports, both team competitions, and individual sports. The emphasis is on how to better prepare athletes for the upcoming season and the preparations for his club or individually with your coach, depending on the type of sport as quickly as possible to an optimal athletic shape.

Working with top coaches in ideal conditions will greatly assist each individual to provide in the upcoming season of top party and thus help your club or yourself in achieving the best sports betting. There will also thereby enhance their professional career. In the same competition season agencijaVolleytrend also allows athletes without a club to the individual preparations raise their Sportka form and be ready to welcome departure into a new club where he will immediately be able to respond to the tasks set before them. It is understood that in these preparations work top sports professionals, as top coaches and professors and doctors of science and also will be established cooperation with top coaches from every kind of sport branch to their advice iinstrukcijama help them prepare to carry on the excellent and professionally according to the latest methods.


individualne pripreme participantsProgram of individual preparation:


- 5 full pension, 6 days at the Olympic-Kosjerić

- Accommodation in double and triple rooms with private bath, TV, internet

- Individual preparations will be held in: 10.07-16.07., 16.07-22.07., 22.07.-28.07., 28.07-03.08.2024.

- Entertainment

- Swimming pool

- Training in the sports hall-2 times a day (morning and evening)

- 3 meals + snacks (increased eating)

- Gift shorts and T-shirts

- Supervision of doctors ifizioterapeuta, 24 hours for the duration of the preparation

- Training will rukovodti top experts

- Conditions for registration: minimum 12 years

- Motor testing and fundamental morphological measurements

- Lecture



See an example of the report prepared by the individual documents



*** New Releases ***

Agency "VOLLEY TREND" introduces a novelty in its work program and to the individual trainings in Belgrade for all who want more-BETTER-FASTER !!! All volleyball / volleyball players who are 12 years and older players who already train and play volleyball for their clubs, but for various reasons do not have the conditions for individual training and advancement can contact us. In our ideal conditions, which include superior rooms, ball and coaches treat yourself with more knowledge of volleyball and better physical spremnost.Svi training sessions are held at the newly opened and one of the most modern equipped sports centers in Serbia, Dynamic Sports Centre, which is located on Dorcolu, the The Danube at 62nd

After an evaluation of your current knowledge of volleyball, our trainers will present and recommend further plan your progress through individual workouts. Knowing the conditions in which trains a large number of clubs, and the lack of time for individual work, we offer something completely new. The best rooms, with the best coaches through individual work progress is guaranteed !! Volleyball has its rules to allow those who are handicapped height can play volleyball at the top professional level, if you are technically well trained and if the weather is properly master the elements of volleyball. Individual training in small groups, numbering 1-3- 2-4-6 or 5 players / players, the high quality work of our coaches quickly will technically train and prepare for a better and safer play in your clubs which will later provide exceptional volleyball party . Individual training sessions are devoted to the technique of maximum volleyball elements such as:

1. Service

2. The reception / Defense

3. spike

4. Block

5. plays with fingers

Number of training or length of individual work is unlimited and depends on your choices and options. We believe that 2-4 sessions per week or per month 8-12 what is optimal and what you can give satisfactory results. Agency "VOLLEY TREND" invites you to have a lot of confidence in our coaches and with us create new steps that until now you could not. These are sure steps to success! Training process will be managed by Scepanovic Željko and his associates.