FizickeP bns Camp of physical preparation

Analyzing the work camp in the last four years we have come to the conclusion that in our camp program is introduced and individual physical training called CAMP physical preparation!

The camp is a unique physical training program, where each camper has the opportunity to choose the appropriate program in accordance with the state of training and sports form campers.

fizicke pripreme participiantsCamp program consists of the following structures physical preparation:

a) The development of motor skills (after the morning or afternoon training depending on the skills that develops methods to be used in the training process, the volume and intensity of training and the serial number of days of training process of a shift camp -duration 60 min, the volume of training is a minimum of 6 training.

b) Improving and maintaining specific motor skills - morning training (Stadium or jogging track, gym, conference), afternoon session - the improvement and maintenance of motor skills and their development and integration of technical and tactical elements of volleyball

c) Improvement and maintenance of motor skills - the emphasis is on conditional training campers, a display training, teoreskoj prepare campers without great technical and tactical aspects of the elements, the goal is to sportsmen or sportswomen are sufficiently trained to be able to develop their motor skills and self working individually during the season, in this regard, and morning and afternoon training 'at the camp would be directed to improvement and maintenance of motor skills in a lesser degree with a combination of technical and tactical elements, the goal is primarily fitness and conditioning training where campers to camp after the end of each camper got its work program, or recommendations and advice on what skills and how and in what time during the season camper can work independently on their own development and maintenance of motor skills, with the aim of prevention of injuries, as well as reaching the model characteristics vrhunsih male and female volleyball.

d) Plan and program of training directed the development of motor skills, but solely by the desire of campers, of course, in agreement with the coach and on the basis of the battery of tests that will determine a current state and compared with standardized norms for male and female players, of course, depending on the age, gender and constitution, the position in the team and so on.

The program is directed by Prof. Petar Novković Sports


The program takes place in the standard camp shifts: 10.07-16.07., 16.07-22.07., 22.07.-28.07., 28.07-03.08.2024.

See an example of the report prepared by the camp of physical preparation documents


Same to you. outside the camp physical training, in collaboration with Professor Peter Novkovic sport, it is possible to create a dedicated program for each camper, which would look like this:

1 Physical preparation campers depending on the age, sex and constitution

2 The program of physical training campers from 16- and onwards

3 Preparations campers aged 10 and onwards

4 Preparing players for the season

5 Recovery after injury

6 Recovery Programme - survey



1. Physical preparation campers

- Development speed (speed of reaction, the rate of individual movement, movement frequency)
- Develop agility
- The development of mobility
- Work in a gym display trainings
- Work on the aerobic component where the energy component anaerobic directions
- A combination of the development of specific motor skills combined with technical elements of the game tatktičkim
- Nutrition
- Recommendations
- Advice

2. Program the physical preparation for campers of 16- year and up to the age of high senior

- Depends on the desire and ability of the athlete or athletes
- Testing
- Anthropometric measures
- Age
- Pol
- Position on the team
The minimum duration of the training process is 10 days, the rest is all a matter of agreement
A promotion and maintenance of specific motor skills combined with technical and tactical game elementime
- Improving aerobic fitness (aerobic power, aerobic capacity. ...)
- Improving anaerobic capacity (anaerobic laktatnih- lactate tolerance, anaerobic alaktatnih
* Strength (maximal, explosive, speed, endurance, strength)
* Development of force
* Development speed (speed of reaction, the speed of individual movements, movement frequency)
* Development of flexibility (pokretrljivost)
* The development of coordination
* Balance
* Proprioception
* Recommendations and Tips

3. Preparation of 10- and campers age - especially motor skills

- Development of coordination
- Correct running technique
- Development care and agility through the game
- Vežbica program for strengthening the back muscles in order to attempt to eliminate back deformities (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, ...)
- Vežbica program to strengthen the abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders
- Vežbica program to strengthen the lower extremities
- Recommendations and advice

4. Preparing players for the season

- Regulation of body weight
-predpripremni period -adaptacija to prepare the club level for the upcoming season
- Training of athletes, sports form to raise the level of competition - the inclusion in the competition period
- Improvement of motor skills:
* Improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity
* Improving mobility

- Work on the technical and tactical elements
- Recovery
- Recommendations and advice

5. Recovery after injury

- Permit a doctor or specialist that athletes can start with a light workout
- The introduction of an athlete or spotriskinje in the training process after injury:
- The ankle joint (distortion or sprain, sprains or dislocations, fractures, or fractures)
- The knee joint (meniscus injury, injury front and rear cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and)
- Back injury (to strengthen the abdominal muscles and leđnje)
- Injuries of the cervical spine
Violation of the shoulder joint and elbow
1. Anatomical Adaptation tetivno- joint system
2. Raising motoriških ability to optimal values ​​depending on the age, sex, position in the team and so on.
3. Raising the level of technical ability tatktičkih for a particular sport
4. Training a player or players for the training process through integral preparation
5.Preporuke and advice

6. Recovery Programme

- Questionnaire
- The degree of injury
- Mutual cooperation between coaches and athletes or spostiste