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Camp Trainers’ Education

Among the other things, Volley Trend Camp organizes educational camp for trainers of all ages and categories. A unique working program has been designed and organized for trainers which will help you to take out the best parts and implement them into your own volleyball system. Numerous excellent trainers from Serbia and those who are working abroad are always present at the Camp. In the year 2013, there were 12 trainers from Russia. In 2014 there were trainers from Romania, Greece and Belgium. We have held four trainers’ seminars both theoretical and practical. The lecturers came from our camp, which says a lot about the quality of our camp and trainers. Camp Trainers’ Education is held during regular camp shifts. If you have additional requirements, we can meet your needs and organize lectures outside the standard terms.

Program Camp Training of trainers:

- Attendance and participation in all training sessions (morning and afternoon)

- Attendance and participation in all individual training

- The ability to record all training and other educational activities

- Mini seminar trainers (facts, details, share experiences, discuss VOCATIONAL)

- Possibility to visit the World League matches (if the terms overlap)

- The possibility of organizing tournaments in beach volleyball (if interested)

- The ability to create new friendships and contacts with coaches from different countries

- 5 Full pension, 6 days at Olympic - Kosjerić

- Accommodation in double and triple rooms with private bath, TV, internet

- Use of pool

- Awards to students

Do not miss this unusual opportunity to learn through fun and something else steknte additional experience! We will be happy to accommodate you and all that you know, and who are interested in this type of learning through fun.



Some of the interns who were on Volley Trend camp:

alexander zeitlinlevada johnspieris katsarimarios chrysostomouioannis petroudisdimitris pampakasmaria parpounaper mjornheimdrago blazicdejan zekicfotopoulos evangelosdejan ilictomislav vojnicnikolas nikolaounemanja zekicdragana jankovictamara ciricsimeon simeonovemir cokovicivaylo barutovtamara ciricsimeon simeonovdragisa avramovicaleksandra avramovicglenn colemonts-vroninkscukanova larisa vjaceslavovna - russiagoran radivojevicliudmila mozgova - russianenad cvetnicmaria kalara - greeceloukia nakou - greece